Essential Public Information - December 31, 2023



WATCHDUTY's year end roundup and 2024 service developments:


      Note:  Facebook’s “mendocinoactionnews” is a valuable source of up-to-the-minute reports from neighboring Mendocino County, published by Lake County COAD member and founder of United Disaster Relief of Northern California (based in Ukiah), Danilla Sands.


Lake County’s “Public, Education, and Government” cable television channel (TV8) covers a wide variety of civic and governmental organizations, including all but one of our Municipal Advisory Councils.  PEG TV’s new YouTube channel page is easier to use for viewing recorded meetings and educational presentations — bookmark this link for easy access:


North Coast Opportunities’ “Home Hardening” program is seeking applicants for two new Project Coordinators:

Contact Deanna Fernweh, Project Manager, at 707-998-8665 for more information, and see the program information page on NCO’s website: 


US EPA seeks comment on draft policy for Public Participation in Agency Decision-Making Processes (ends on January 16, 2024).  Questions may be emailed to  The proposed policy is found at: