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The Bluegrass Traveler 

Host: Don Coffin

Thursday 7-9 AM, repeat Sunday 7-9 PM

Traditional and contemporary bluegrass and old time music, often featuring Northern California artists.


Buckaroo Man

Host: John Eurford

4th Saturday of the month, 11AM-1PM

Cowboy music and stories from the Old West.


Celtic Collage

Host: Susan Krones

Live: Sunday, Noon-2PM, Repeat: Friday, Noon-2PM

Contemporary music from Celtic lands, Canada and USA.


Country with Barron

Host: Barron Wehinger

Live: Sunday, 4-5PM

Country music.


Dollar Pop

Host: Dirty D

Live: Sunday, Tuesday 7-9PM, Repeat: Friday, 9-11PM

Eclectic popular music.


Early Music

Host: John Moorhead

Live: Sunday, 10-11AM

Early and ancient music from Europe and around the world.


Folk & Beyond

Host: Dwain Goforth

Live: Monday, Noon-2PM, Repeats: Wednesday, 7-9PM, Saturday, 7-9AM

Folk, Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Americana and beyond from the last 100 years of music. Contact Dwain at


Grooveyard Shift

Host: Scott Church

Live: Overnight, Friday 11PM until 7AM Saturday

Eight hours of Jazz, Rock, Blues and Reggae, every Friday through Saturday morning,

All night long !



Jazz 100

Host: John Moorhead

Live: Wednesday 6-7AM, Repeats as available

Jazz, jazz and more jazz. It's got that "swing".


 Jerry’s Kids

Host: John Moorhead

Live: Sunday, 5-6PM, Repeat: Tuesday, 2-3PM

The world of Grateful Dead. Alternates with Muse & Music


The Kitchen Sink

Host: Dave

Live: Monday 7-9PM, Repeat: Tuesday, 7-9AM

“Everything but…” Eclectic music and humorous commentary.


Listen to the Music

Host: John Moorhead

Live: Saturday, 2-4PM, Repeat: Tuesday, Noon-2PM

Eclectic and themes; good songs and artists and bands that have stood the test of time, or may be new or otherwise note-worthy.


Lost Treasures & Blues Hour

Hosts: Pop Booth and Barb

Live: Saturday, 2-4PM, Repeat: Tuesday, Noon-2PM

Blues and related genres, lots of vinyl.


Muse & Music

Host: John Moorhead

Live: Sunday, 5-6PM, Repeat: Tuesday, 2-3PM

Focus on an artist or genre. Alternates with Jerry's Kids.


Music for Insomniacs

Host: "Shoe"

Live: Sunday, Midnight (Saturday night) until 7AM

Eclectic music.


Pulse Pangea

Host: Lisa Lehmer

Live: Friday, 7-9PM, Repeat: Friday, 8-9AM (second hour)

World music, Africa, Brazil, Europe, and more.


Rockin’ the Lake

Host: Q and Deb

Live: Wednesday, 2-4PM

Hard rock.


Songs for Insomnia

Host: "Shoe"

Live: Sunday morning, Midnight to 6 AM

Eclectic Rock and more!


Songs of Freedom

Host: Lisa Lehmer

Live: Friday 9-11PM, Repeat: Monday, 8-9AM (second hour)

The world of Reggae beat.


The Tip Jar

Host: Shoe

Live: Saturday, 6-8PM)

Lake County music scene.


MUSIC with Talk/Public Affairs


Konocti Trading Post (* call-in)

Hosts: Mountain and Solar Scott

Live: Saturdays (except 4th), 11AM-1PM 

Buy/Sell/Trade/Culture, with MUSIC!


Mountain in the Morning (* call-in)

Hosts: Mountain, Solar Scott and Cami

Live: Monday, 7-8AM and Friday 7-8AM

Talk, humor, weather, sports and music to help wake you up


Voices of Turtle Island

Host: James Browneagle

Live: Tuesday, 4-5PM, Repeat: Thursday 3-4PM

Native American musicians and information.


The Voice of White Plume

Host: Clayton Duncan

Live: Saturday, 1-2PM, Repeat, Friday 6-7AM

Lake County Pomo Indian history and discussion. “Forgiveness will heal all hate. Creator is the energy of Love”


Tribal Voices

Host: Jim and Gail Brown

Live: Tuesday, 5-6PM, Repeat: Monday, 4-5PM

Indigenous people’s issues.


TALK and PUBLIC Affairs (* denotes call-in at 707-263-3435)




Alternative Radio 

Producer: David Barsamian

Live: Mondays, 6-7AM, Repeats when available

Lectures and speakers from prominent thinkers. Alternates with Right Placer/Right Time


 Place 2 Be (* call-in)

Hosts: Pastor Chris and Joyce Adams

Live: Friday, 2-4PM

Local events and talk with humor


The Big Picture (* call-in) 

Host: John Tyler 

Live: Alternate Saturdays, 9-10AM (See also Citizen Lake)

Current Events discussion.


Citizen Lake (* call-in) 

Host: John Moorhead or Chloe Karl 

Live: Alternate Saturdays, 9-10AM (See also Big Picture)

Current Events discussion.


Dateline: Lake County (* call-in) 

Host: Ariel Carmona and/or Nikki Carboni 

Live: Wednesday, 9-10AM, Repeat: Wednesday, Noon-1PM

News discussion.


D&D Daydreams 

Host: Shane Christianson 

Live: Thursday 2-3PM

Dungeons & Dragons stories.


Democracy Now! 

Host: Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzales and Nermeen Shaikh

Live: Weekdays, 11AM-Noon, Repeat: Weekdays 6-7PM

Global and national news reporting and analysis.


Earth Wise (* call-in) 

Hosts: Chloe Karl and Janet Taylor

Live: Friday, 5-6PM, Repeat: Tuesday 3-4PM

Environmental issues discussion.


Essential Public Information Hour

Host: Betsy Cahn

Live: Sunday, 2-3PM

Local Information, events and government oversight.


Giving Tree Radio (* call-in)

Hosts: Q, Verge and Wilmer

Live: Thursday 10-11AM

Buy/Sell/Trade/Giveaway and local events


Ham Radio College (* call-in)

Hosts: Alan

Live: Monday, 2-3PM

Information about everything along the electromagnetic spectrum


Karma Cola

Hosts: Andy Weiss

Live: Sunday-Thursday, 9-11PM (10-11PM is repeat of day before)

Variety about the human condition


La Voz del Pueblo

Hosts: Louisa Acosta

Live: Sunday 8-10AM

Spanish language outreach and information.


Lake County Outdoors (* call-in)

Hosts: Terry Knight with Greg Giusti

Live: Wednesday, 10-11AM, Repeat: Sunday 11AM-Noon

Lake County environment, nature and recreation


The Law Show (* call-in)

Hosts: Herb Gura

Live: Saturday 5-6PM

Hot topics in the news.


The Mayor of Mirth (* call-in)

Hosts: Joey Luis

Live: 3rd & 4th Saturdays, 10-11AM, Repeat: Monday 10-11

Current events and politics


Ministry Without Walls

Hosts: Sarah Jones

Live: Sunday, 6-8AM

Christian Ministry


Lake County Outdoors (* call-in)

Hosts: Terry Knight with Greg Giusti

Live: Wednesday, 10-11AM, Repeat: Sunday 11AM-Noon

Lake County environment, nature and recreation


The Natural Health Hour (* call-in)

Hosts: Chloe Karl and Bibiana Love

Live: Monday 5-6PM, Repeat: Thursday 4-5PM

Health, wellness and self healing


New Dimensions Radio

Hosts: Justine Willis-Thoms

Live: Wednesday, 2-3PM, Repeat: Thursday, 6-7AM

Spiritual and eductional interviews with modern thinkers 


The Nexus of Geek (* call-in) 

Host: Ariel Carmona

Live: Friday, 4-5PM

For Gamers of all stripes.


Now & Then Rainbow (* call-in) 

Hosts: Hellyna and Margo

Live: Alternate Wednesday 1-2PM, Repeat: Alternate Tuesdays 9-10AM (See Rainbow Reporter)

LGBTQIA+ issues, news and events.


Pagan World Views (* call-in) 

Hosts: Macha, Verge, Wilmer and Stephen

Live: Thursday, Noon-2PM

The “Old Religion”.


Radio Jail (* call-in) 

Host: Eugenie Steinman

Live: Sunday, 6-7PM

Life in jails and prisons.


The Rainbow Reporter (* call-in) 

Hosts: Joey Luis and Harold Riley

Live: Alternate Wednesday 1-2PM, Repeat: Alternate Tuesdays 9-10AM (See Now & Then Rainbow)

LGBTQIA+ issues, news and events.


Right Plant, Right Time (* call-in) 

Hosts: Louise Pagone and Karole Ward

Live: Alternate Tuesdays, 10-11AM, Repeat; Alternate Saturdays, 8-9PM

All things gardening. Alternates with Alternative Radio


Senior Moments (* call-in)

Host: Betsy Cahn

Live: Thursday, 5-6PM, Repeat: Tuesday, 6-7AM

Topics of interest to seniors and all ages.


Veteran’s Hour (* call-in)

Host: Olga Martin Steele

Live: Every other Friday, 9-10AM

Topics of interest to Veterans, their families and other supporters.


Voices of Lake County (* call-in)

Host: Olga Martin Steele

Live: Friday, 9-11AM

Interviews with people making a difference in Lake County.


The Parallax View(* call-in)

Host: Olga Martin Steele with Jim Steele

Live: Wednesday, 5-6PM

An objective look at local and world science issues. .


The Water and Environment Hour (* call-in)

Host: Sarah Ryan

Live: 1st and 2nd Saturday, 10-11AM, Repeat: Monday, 10-11AM

Information on the health of Clear Lake and the environment.


What’s Next (* call-in)

Host: Betsy Cahn

Live: Sunday, 3-4PM

Recovery resources and plans.


Women’s Voices (* call-in)

Host: Aqeela Markowski and Lynette Kirkwood

Live: Thursday, 9-10AM, Repeat: Monday, 3-4PM

Women’s issues and more.


Word Weavers (* call-in)

Host: Knox Gillespie or William Conwell, or Eugenie Steinman or David Velasquez or Debra Fredrickson or Camm Linden or Susan Krones (depending on week)

Live: Saturday, 4-5PM

Literature and  stories, or Classical music.


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