New Program ! New Blog Entry! Old Programmer!

Hello all!  I am thrilled, that after much lobbying and general sucking up, KPFZ has a new program - "Jazz 100"!  Currently, it airs on Wednesday mornings from 6 to 7 AM, as part of our expanded early morning schedule.

"Jazz 100" features iconic Jazz artists, albums, concerts and, well, tapestries of Jazz music.  My tastes run more to Classic Jazz.  Think Miles Davis, Coltrane, Monk, Ella, Ellington....  Some more modern from time to time, and some earlier. 

The debut program #101 is on Duke Ellington with "Blues to be There" and "Festival Junction".  I'd love to hear from you - my email address - for all of my music programs is

Here's the week's line up from 6-7 AM:

Monday: Alternative Radio (newest show)

Tuesday:  Senior Moments - repeat

Wednesday: Jazz (Moorhead) - NEW

Thursday: New Dimensions - repeat

Friday: Voice of White Plume - repeat

Thanks for tuning in, and especially - Thanks for your support if you are a member of the tribe!