"Listen to the Music" - A Tribute to Oscar Dominguez - Tuesday 4/14 repeat 12 - 2PM

All - 

Thank you for your kind remarks regarding Saturday's special program for Oscar Dominguez.  "Listen to the Music" is a labor of love, and frankly, putting the show together is a kick in the ass!  This week, I am paying tribute to late best friend, brother, and fellow traveler, Oscar Dominguez.  The program originally aired on Saturday, and it will repeat this Tuesday, April 14th from noon til two.

Oscar died in 2020.  He taught biology at Clear Lake High School, and I taught woodshop - I retired a couple of years ago.  Oscar's breadth of knowledge was formidable.  We had many lively conversations about old cars, tardigrades, Schrodinger's cat, the state of things, generally, and Tom Waits.

The thing that Oscar and I shared the love for was music!  Oh, golly.... Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Ethnic - a soundscape and a roadmap to anywhere.  He could listen to Klingon Opera or Django Reinhardt and tell you something surprising about both of them.  His sons, Rio, Solano, Sereno.... Ken Hook, Howard White, David Sammel - we would often play music in various configurations, and simply have a blast doing it!  God how I miss him!

Anyway, this week's "Listen to the Music" is a tribute to a really great guy - I'll play a grab bag of songs that Oscar liked, songs that we all played together, and well.... You get the idea.

 Coming up, Saturday, April 20, "Listen to the Music" is dedicated to KPFZ's late Ron Green and, well, ummm... Well...It airs on 4/20, so you can draw your own conclusions - maybe we can go with "REEFER MADNESS"!.  Smoke 'em if you've got them.  This one was really fun to put together, and I found a few gems of weed songs you probably haven't heard!

As always, thanks for listening.  You can get in touch by emailing me at musickpfz@gmail.com.


John Moorhead