"Citizen Lake" - Program on Kelseyville/Konocti Proposed Name Change - Seeking Input

All - 

I am producing a one hour program of "Citizen Lake" that will examine the issue, area history and points of view surrounding changing the name of Kelseyville to Konocti,  I hosted a zoom meeting last week, and plan on doing it again.  There were some troubles with video and all, all on my end, so it is a work in progress.

You may email me with your opinions, insights and questions.  I am in the process of contacting parties on both sides of the issue.  The Bureau of Geographic Names, our local Board of Supervisors, and more.  Thanks to ALL of you that did take time to send me your thoughts.  My email address is citizenlake.kpfz@gmail.com.  Thank You!!


John Moorhead