Repeat on Tuesday at Noon - "Listen to the Music" - Star Wars Day - May the 4th Be With You! Star Wars parodies and more! Program #418

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Y-O-D-A Yoooodaaahhhh!  Oh, golly!  This was one fun program to put together!  Last fall, I was looking at the calendar for 2024 and scheduling my programs for the first half of the year....  and I hit a double!  I discovered that I had a "Listen to the Music" on Caturday, April 20th!  I couldn't let that go...  So  I compiled a mess of weed songs over the last few months and came up with 4/20s "Reefer Madness" for "Listen to the Music" - what fun!

Well, well....  As luck would have it, I also discovered that I had a "Listen to the Music" scheduled for May 4th!  STAR WARS DAY!  So, jump in your Tardis, let's blast off at Warp 6 with Buck Rodgers and the crew from Lost in Space, and Join Mr. Spock and his Wookies as we take on Battlestar Prophylactic!  Well, maybe not, but this show should be a gas for anyone with the slightest interest.

This program originally aired on May 4th, and repeats on Tuesday, May 7th at Noon.  It is episode #418 of "Listen to the Music".

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May the force be with you!

Darth Moorhead