Special Board Meeting 1/11/22 from 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and take possible actions relative to the temporary suspension of live programming. 
NOTE: if you want to submit a proposal for a new policy, see the bottom of this post. Submissions will be entered as comments.

Lake County Community Radio, Inc
Special Board Meeting - Agenda       
January 21, | 6:00 PM—7:15 PM

Topic: LCCR, Inc. Special Board Meeting

Time: Jan 11, 2022 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)



Call Meeting to Order

  1. Welcome 
  2. Meeting Purpose: Discussion of the Temporary Suspension of Live Radio Programs 
    1. Review of the action taken: Andy Weise & Olga Steele
    2. Review of the current policy & practices: Andy Weise/Chloe Karl
    3. Suggestions to improve the health & safety of volunteers at the station: All
  3. Board Actions
    • Deliberation of discussion, input from participants & suggestion for improved health & safety measures.
    1. Actions/Motions:  Board members only.  
  1. Adjourn to January 20, 2022 Meeting


Written submissions on policies

If anyone wants to submit a proposal on policy, email them to alanf777@gmail.com and they will be added as comments to this post (in order submitted)

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  • Alan Fletcher
  • Sky Hoyt

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I attach a proposal for a KPFZ policy relating to Infections and Exposure.
AF Proposal

Very short summary excerpted from the document :

This is a proposal for KPFZ station policy, and is in addition to detailed policies such as requirements for vaccination, masking, and studio protocol.

It is intended to be in conformity with CDC, State and County guidelines. Consult them for details.

If you are infected or exposed to covid19 you must quarantine yourself, and may not come back to the station until you leave quarantine.

The station may shut down temporarily (24 hours maximum) if an infected person has been in the studio.

The station may adjust its overall policy (One or two people in the studio) according to the Lake County Case Rate.

My #1 COVID safety concern is improvements to the indoor air systems, both the central air system and portable air filters. I think the goal should be to bring them up to medical office performance levels. No Mickey Mouse, halfway, penny pinching solutions. Do it right with a margin of over design for safety!


Please share this idea with other Board members.

Here's a good article on air flow and covid :  https://covid.ri.gov/covid-19-prevention/indoor-air-circulation