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Updated 7/19/21

The station is reviewing new Covid19 studio protocols. Subject to programmer agreements we can now have two people in the studio at the same time, and one live show can follow another.


This is next Hard Candy Guest! Next Wednesday (9-22-21) on Hard Candy Radio! We will be interviewing Marten Andersson . Bass player Steelheart, Lynch Mob, Lizzy Borden! Tune in 7pm to 9pm Pst.


Herb Gura is away, so Alan Fletcher will be covering The Law Show on the next two Saturdays, Sept 11 and 18 5-6 pm, He will play random music from the green room music library, and take random calls on any subject.

Wordweavers : Two recent pre-recorded shows are now on-line.

  • From August 1, Georgina Marie HERE
  • From Sept 4, Jenny and Knox -- talking about art and poetry and life! THERE

John Moorhead has two new shows, taking over from "The Jazz. The first program is "Jerry's Kids" - an hour of the Grateful Dead, and the alternating program is "Muse and Music" a one hour program that focuses on specific artists, genres and albums with music and background information.  (Pop Booth is preparing a new 2-hour show ... stay tuned.)

Don Coffin returns with Bluegrass Traveller, Thursdays 7 am, replays Sunday 7 pm.

Ariel Carmona (of the Record Bee) has a talk show "Dateline Lake County" in the Wednesday 9 am time slot, and replays  Wednesday 12 pm. On days that Ariel can't be on air Andy will do ... something, probably from the archives.

Lake Currents with Bob Blackmore moves to a new 2-hour slot on Friday, 9 pm.

Kitchen Sink, the  2-hour music show with Dave, moves from Monday afternoon, to Monday 7 pm, replays Tuesdays 7 am.  For the time being Dave will have TWO Kitchen Sink shows.

The Friday lineup is also changed --  from 2pm we have APlace2B, Pastor Chris and Now and Then.

On Saturday 2-4 pm, Pot Pouri is replaced by  Listen to the Music with John Moorhead.

Matt Davis returns for a 1-hour show The Rabbit Hole Fridays 11 pm.

Programmers : Announce your upcoming shows here via email or use the Contact Form for "Web Editor" and we will set it up for you.

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