Upcoming Shows on KPFZ

Updated 11/29/21

Rock'n'The Lake will replay at 11 pm Fridays.

Baron Winger has a new Country Music show on Saturdays, 8 pm. Lisa Lehmer's Songs of Freedom will re-appear ... somewhere ...

Next Wednesday 11/24/21 on HARD CANDY RADIO  Ariel Carmona will be our guest. He is the managing editor of the Record Bee paper! Listen in 7 pm to 9pm pst! Kpfz.org 88.1 fm.


Due to medical reasons, Ron Green is taking a break from hosting The Philadelpha Lawyer. Until further notice his shows will be replaced by:

Saturdays 10 am : A Repeat of Lake County Outdoors (plays live Wednesdays 10 am)

Monday Nov 8  at 10 am : Various repeats will play in this slot.

The old Lake County Outdoors replay slot will be replaced by:

Mondays 4 pm : Repeat of  Tribal Voices (Live on Tuesday 5 pm)


The station periodically reviews its Covid19 studio protocols. Subject to programmer agreements we can now have two people in the studio at the same time, and one live show can follow another.

Programmers : Announce your upcoming shows via email to editor@kpfz.org or use the Contact Form for Category  "Web Editor" and we will set it up for you.

Listeners: You can make a comment about a show on the Contact Form Category "I have comments about a program". It will be forwarded to the programmer.

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