Zoom is Here!!!

The KBO studio computer is set up ... and is ready to Zoom!!!

Zoom is fully integrated with the studio board -- zoomers can hear incoming phone calls, and vice versa.

If you are interested in doing a show remotely (your board operator still has to be in the studio), or if you want to invite several guests... you can do it!!

The instructions are here : https://krs.kpfz.org   

For a first glimpse, maybe look at this video tutorial: https://krs.kpfz.org/VIDS/KBO-Studio-Walk-through.mp4

You will need a board operator who knows Windows computers at a basic level (how to log on, open a browser, load email and click on a link or two!) plus someone who can set up a zoom meeting. 

If interested, email kbo@kpfz.org


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