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KPFZ will be off the air on December 25 2014  .. a team of elves will be repairing or upgrading our equipment, after a special delivery by Santa.


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The next meeting of the KPFZ Board of Directors will be on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the KPFZ Studio, 149 North Main Street, Lakeport.  The public is invited to attend.

NOTE:  There will not be a Board of Directors meeting in December.

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KPFZ invites you to their Annual Holiday Party!  The party will be held at the KPFZ Station Office on Saturday, December 20, 2014, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Bring a dish and/or beverage to share, if desired.  The station is located at 149 N. Main Street in Lakeport.

Come and meet the KPFZ programmers and volunteers. We love meeting our listeners and supporters.  This is a great opportunity to see the station in operation.  If you are interested in being more than a listener, this is a great time to learn how you can help.

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KPFZ board members meet upstairs at 149 North Main St. in Lakeport on the second Saturday of each month. The public is always encouraged and welcome to attend.

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I’m Alan Fletcher. I  am taking over  the role of  ”Web Master” from David Lark,  who leaves it in good shape : thank you for setting up the current version.  I will mostly handle the technical aspects.

More importantly, Ellen H has also joined the web team, and will be taking the lead on content, as “Web Mistress” or “Editor”.  She’s already at work getting the schedule up to date.

Please see the first few comments for details.


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80 Responses to “Home”

  1. Jason Murphy Says:

    My Favorite jazz musician is Dizzy, well, Miles then Dizzy. I have a pretty decent article I wrote about him on my blog:

  2. Shaquille Ray Says:

    3 more days till the open house :D Can’t wait

  3. Brian Says:

    we to Lakeport alot, discovered your station..wonderful is is online !

  4. Bruce Franklin Says:

    We have lost MY Sons American Bulldog she is a big part of our Family could you please add her to the lost pet adds you do on the air .She is aroung 50 lbs dark brown w a white face she answers to Calie she is very friendly wearing tags and collor w a clear flee collar .She was lost around Saratoga Springs Rd and Hwy 20 in upperlake we are offering a $200 reward for her asap Please contact Bruce Franklin 707 900 8222 thank you for anything you can do we would be willing to pay or donate for the raido time thank you .

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Since the power upgrade: (1) Reception in stereo inside home. Was mono only unless outside. (2) Reception on multiple small radios scattered around the house, including the one in the bathroom!

  6. Rick Sagehorn Says:

    Andy, I very much enjoyed reading your “guidelines” this morning. It is about time I finally read them. I look forward to improving my performance as a programmer and just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep KPFZ professional and a very special part of our community.

  7. vanilla fudge Says:

    A session for my soul, a little snappy dappy funk, when I hear that Sir Fredrick Rose, you know I gots to shake that trunk.

    Keep the needle in the groove baby!!!!!!!

  8. King Says:

    Hi Andy-

    Ok, so I need a recording of 7/23/2013 show, last week 9/17/2013 leaving me with a credit of $5.00 towards another CD. Thanks!!!

    Susan King

    PS. the dog thing is still happening. :-)

  9. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Looks like play lists are popular. Tune in to KPFZ, 88.1 FM @ 11 pm to 1 am for “Anything Goes” Late night currents in Lake County California with Bob Blackmoore. The call in number is 707-263-3435. You can also catch the show on the internet, or go through the stations website, There is also a Facebook page called Anything Goes
    Looking for guests, interviews, tunes, events, parties etc.

  10. Live Online Radio Worldwide Says:

    I’ve just now discovered this nice station and liked it.

  11. Joyce Lindsay Says:

    Do you play any Classic Country shows.
    We’d love to hear some of this kind of music for us recycled teenagers over 65.

  12. Joyce Anderson Says:

    To the staff of KPFZ, Thank you for honoring California Retired Teachers’ Week.

    I was able to catch Scott’s memories of his school days and his wonderful bird call.
    Thank you, Scott, for the time you took to honor teachers in your life and thank you for the music.

  13. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Great KPFZ Holiday Open House Party! We met many of our listeners and fellow programmers. Great food and great friends.

  14. Susan King Says:

    Hi Andy:

    I am sorry but I totally forgot to leave a message to copy show for Dec. 10th and again for tomorrow Dec. 17th. I gave you $5.00 for the show that you could not find so I will leave another $5.00 for these. If I am behind, let me know. Also, who does the Jazz show? I have a CD that Robert Mix left but it is Jazz and would like them to play it instead of on my show. Thank you, Susan King
    Big Heart/Big Art

  15. Judy Bond Says:

    Please put something current on the front page so that it does not announce the December Board meeting in the website preview every time the URL is entered on Facebook. I see that the January meeting was announced in the comments. It’s embarrassing.

  16. Judy Bond Says:

    To Commenter #11: Listen to Denim Alley midday Tuesdays live from 11:00-1:00, replay Saturday mornings 8:00-10:00.

  17. Judy Bond Says:

    Thank you for long awaited progress. Remember to change the dates at the top of the pages. Feel free to remove my snarky comments as the issues get resolved. You know I love all things KPFZ. I want it to shine.

  18. BobBlackmoore Says:

    Thanks Judy. We’ll be trying to bring listeners programmers supporters staff and a lot more back to Shine On!

  19. Judy Bond Says:

    PHOTOS WANTED – Missing faces of hosts, programmers, producers, directors, LCCR board members, past or present, for the following photo album on the LCCR/KPFZ Facebook page:
    [This link will work without a Facebook account.]

    Email to me at or


    Judy Bond
    Co-administrator of the station’s Facebook page

  20. KC Jones Says:

    On Boogie Sessions, air date 01/24/2014, I had a small contest (winner won a copy of the show /same date)& “Hollywood” – one of KPFZ’s staunch supporter won the contest. A long story short, while Susan Krones was on air live, that same weekend, I stopped in and paid for the discs ($10). Again, this would have been for show air date; 01/24/2014. The disc(s) request form had instructions to have the discs mailed to Hollywood (his addy is in our KPFZ records / computer) OR I would pick them up if left in my box & mail myself… Can someone tell me if any of this happened, or is someone still working on those discs? Id like to inform Hollywood on air if they were in fact sent out (or tell him something). Sorry to blow this message box up. By the by, can someone turn on the answering mach @ the station? Ive been trying to call since last Friday. Its Tuesday Feb 4th, I just called & it rang twenty times…no answering mach on! ** You know we tell people to leave messages when nobody answers @ KPFZ; live & on air **
    food for thought
    peace & love

  21. Judy Bond Says:

    And it looks like the time is still set to Daylight Savings Time. Or Brent knows how to communicate from the future.

  22. Judy Bond Says:

    The address of the Facebook page has changed. People on Facebook can still find it the same way, simply by typing KPFZ into the FB search box. But if you have it bookmarked, you will have to do it again. The last part of the address has been changed from to “”

    The full address is: This will make a difference when referring to it on air.

    I expect this will cause a small amount of temporary confusion but less now than later, as this page is getting busier and busier. New people every day.



  23. Judy Bond Says:

    Thank you for updating the printable broadcast schedule, now current to 3-11-2014.

  24. Judy Bond Says:

    Where can I find a list of the underwriters?

  25. Judy Bond Says:

    Thank you for the updates.

  26. snoopy Says:

    I myself do not grow or smoke cannabis sativa,but I don’t have a problem if otherpeople do for medicnal or religios practic by priscription. Do you think we can get further along with cannabis satava without the violence ,I do without the violence myself maybe we can live longer without the violence to smoke the stuff , when people rob and steal and hold a gun to someone and steal it or domestic violence assoated with it . That’s the only problem I have with we it we should curb the violence individuals to should control themselves and conduct themselves in a rational manner conducted to human beings not take away the cannabis. We need peace and free love,to recindal the sperits ,

  27. snoopy Says:

    Why is that we the cosumer have give our e-mail address to access the enternet and or websites to me its an envasion of privacy and your email gets sold to a hundred partys tring to sell you somthing , scam you, or hit you with a virus,or track your steps the only thing I can find on the internet for free are virusus,scams and unsoliicited offers you can’t refuse and 100.00 spam messages fillig my inbox that spend hours deleting them I need an optoion of deleting all spam at once and having my right to my privacy to bo protected not exploited for political gain,monotary gain telemaketers, its all I can do to keep my computer from having melt down,and people doind a backgrond check to see if your worthy I call it predudice and discimentory and predidice to single peple out prtecting our privacy is what protects people

  28. snoopy Says:

    Ihas anyone heard of transactual analisis module 2 on you tube,I’m readind a book called how to have convidence and power in dealing with people by les giblin in response to your recent radio talk.I’m an independant party, watch glen beck and pat and stew in the mornig ang the real news on the blaze channel on dish channel 212

  29. snoopy Says:

    Has anybody seen the you tube surge technology motors ,the car that runs on free energy..troy reed ouf of oklahoma.some places around the world makiing power plants providing energy bought an sold to power citys .that’s all I can find free on the internet ,web surfing and free energy motorcycles on you tube.peace good looking out.

  30. susie Says:

    Found:brown/black deer chihuahua running down Arrowhead in Clearlake on 6/5. Is it possible for you to put it on the air to see if we can find the owner of this adorable/loving pooch? Please call Susie at 533-3366. Thank you :-)

  31. snoopy Says:

    I don’t think our require field our e-mail should not be published or even required I can agree with that to protect our identity,privacy from scammers,viruses,telemarketers,and people selling our privacy to numerous 3rd party’s and would be eyes from stealing our privacy,and our personal computer,I thouht americans have the right to privacy and be free from ,1,ooo’s of spam messages,that invade our computers that takes hours to delete why can’t we delete all spam at once.just a password shoulld be our only required feild to protect our identity and privacy from would be eyes that are lurking to steal our personal information.

  32. snoopy Says:

    Surfing the web found somethind new and exiting,10-15 year tritium lights,tritium christmas lights tritium camping lanterns,, listeng to your show I was intreged by free energy,I happen to have a free energy radio and shake up flashlights that were bought local in and around town.

  33. snoopy Says:

    Just a thought to start the day with,we should be using baseband (broadband for our tablets,laptops,desktops fot all our internet needs through the cell phone towers as we do our cell phones,,baseband componants incorporated into our compters devicesto be more moble at a price we can afford some kind bundl deal.I’m nobody,just a customer with a need as another option besides wi-fi (that’s limited) and satallite wi-thats limited to its range of area of origin,

  34. snoopy Says:

    To me,the economy is like the big bang theory,like the big bang theory the econyy expands cotracts stays constant wavers a little and shrinks,and in all confusion when economy crashes,in tring to fix it,ithen in a blinding light you hear a crack and a crunch and a bang,and if we survive it ,we will be pick up the pieces shiifting through what we once had counting the money and doing a head count,look on the bright side,at least enstien assuurred us that the universe will remain the same without us,Ii hope we can plan better for the future.

  35. snoopy Says:

    The california lottery was suppose to help fund schools 20% of each doller sold in the local area for local schools,that’s the reason why the california the was legaliged in first place. Let’s say the jackpot were 6 million,unkle sam gets gets a crisp two million,the schools get their crisp two milion,and I get my crisp two million I’m good.maybe money is not the problem maybe we are,maybe oil isn’t the problem maybe its us “greed”might be part of the problem

  36. Says:

    All in all what we have here is a mismanaged government,and feeling the fall out,and the procussions of it all,

  37. snoopy Says:

    I found that when I’m out on lake,or at a pool ,raining, place my touchscreen tablet ina zip locck freezer bag and still use the touchscreen throu gh the bag.also if you put your touchscreen cell phone in a zip lock sandwhich bag to carry log to protect my elecronics from the elements such as water and moisture and believe not cold, but don’t put your tablet or cell phone in the freezer.

  38. snoopy Says:

    I’m an independent, I prefer democracy the way our founding fathers set forth for us,the 15 amendments and bill of rights,without them what protects us,think about it,its not the people rebaling ,its some people in the gov.that rebel against its own people,for istance how much did you’re heathcare set you back last year,mandatory heathcare is no healthcare at all if you can’t afford healthcare you don’t get healthcare for you’re babies,moms and dads,kids grandma and gramdpa,the the risiing cost of heathcare,who can afford it, not everybody fuctions on the same level of fuctioning not everybody can fuction on the same level,and that’s not always their fauilt I’m less than perfect,healthcare should be affordable an given a choice in healthcare plans and company’s, and senior plans in lake co.I don’t see dental discount cards medical discount card,and presction discuont cards more available, in lake county ca.

  39. snoopy Says:

    The governmentment,reminds me of the Disney characters,who’s jack that jumped over the candlstick and the candle stick maker in the government,whats snow white dong in a high rise condo in new york asleep with seven single short men,who that going over to Europe in a virtual pumpkin carrage what cridentails does she have besids a passport and physciatric report to be knighted last we have presidents,who’s humty dumpty that sat on a wall that’s us the big nest egg, last I heard,all the kings men,knights and noblmen put him back together with paper machet doller bills or eoro’s not shure which is better,we are in dept up to our ears.then we caught donald duck at the disneyland hotel on a social network site,apperenty for some reason he gave up our secrets awaiting trail uot on house arrest evadind the issue.for the rest at space mountain spacing on cotton candy why our kids are having fun.stranded after hours in the parking lot,because the car won’t start and got to go pe-pe.that’s all for know folks .

  40. snoopy Says:

    The best and cheapest way to keep cool this summer with water coolers or (evaporater coolers) there are full size,smaller ones that fit in a window,and small desk top ones for the office,some small enough to fit on the dashboard inside your car plug into you’re cigarette lighter,and mini size ones that can put on a bedroom dresser,some put wheels on them role them inside the connect the water through the kithen sink,looked on line even found solar water coolers. Nicks second hand store has an older one table top model for $20.00 bucks.newer plastic models cost a hundred bucks or more, bye for now.

  41. Says:

    You know what I would like to hear the clearlake city county talk about . Is a perpose idea is putting back a gas station in the burns valley mall,on the corner there was a gas station with a car wash that’s what that small lot in front of grocery doller tree, grocery outlet a small 6 pump gas station with a smalll store there’s no gas station on that side of town on olympic blvd, does the recent water ,electricity hike and tax hike,its pushing up prices when the tax goes up pushing out small businesses and good honest hardworking low income familys and indivduals what I’m asking is does it have anything thing to do with cannibis sativa with prescriptions and permits to grow six plants for personal anxd medicinal perpososes or cerimonal perposes,I don’t smoke it smoke it or grow it , and I don’t care if other people do, I just want to know if I keep my vegitable garden,we shouldn’t have pay more at the pump,pay more for water,pay more for electricity tax and grocery prices.I like shop local and put money belongs in our local economy a good portion of it, I’ve have but a heaping helping of hospitality since moved here 8yrs ago and welcomed with a hug in mind.I extend the same to them.thanks

  42. snoopy Says:

    I’m noticeing all these all these bits of recycle wrappers with white card board paper and refuse littering,my neiborhood and highways,illegal dumping, I have some native amercan heritage lght skinned cherokee mixed with european,can’t prove a quarter I could be a 1/3 , I collect cans and bottles off the street ,the safaset way of cleaning up my neiborhhood and pick up trash in front of my yard and put in the recycle,what I’m getting at is I’m calling all this litter an refuse white trash because it looks white,I hope my native american friend can agree with me on this without controversy.when I was a boy I got the name, ” the boy who danced on clouds that had the greatt honer of petting a bald eagle” I was told it means courage, my name is keith which means warrior of the forrestfrom my european side

  43. snoopy Says:

    There was a segment on your show that spoke of free energy,that I myself mentioned on your website,we already have wind,solar hydro-electric,thermal-electric,clean free energy bought,produced and sold by power companys. In places like boliva, africa and austraila the people have discovered magnetic perpetual motion generators,here in amerca some people developed surge technology cars,free energy cars and motor bikes,mopeds, clean free energy they say ‘. Is feasable for a magnetic perpetual motion power plan t his s
    Power plants in each disrict of the city to place a magnetic perpetual motion power plant to power each district run by PG&E to sell to its many customers it can be metered,maybe for the advancement to mankind &woman kind and every other kind(kid kind) I’m the good kind, I’m sombody I’m an american,the best kind than you

  44. snoopy Says:

    I was recently watching nasa channel,there taking H2o molecules in tanks mixing making water.would it make sense that we could taking oil and substances that make up oil molecles mixing it large tanks,replenshing our oil reserves.we are already making the stuff syntec synthetic motor oil,allthe oil company’s would hold there own steaks in this mixing molocules of oil liks corn ethenol and beer ethonol.opec and bp oil,could be doing formalated research on this.we could be cleaning used oil and refining into gasoline and those big lakes of could be cleaned and sucked up an refine into oil.if we don’t start doing this they project running out of oil by 2025.I’m nobody just a friend in need.

  45. snoopy Says:

    Mandatory healthcare is No healthcare,if you mandate haelthcare if you can’t afford it,you’re not getting it with the rising cost of haelthcare how can we afford haethcare,my dental haelthcare ran out ,and lost two teeth,someone was telling me he lost is grandma,another person tell me he lost his son,my causin lost his mom,in this battle for mandatory healthcare,its an up hill battle,,everthing is out of pocket cost (it sounds like holucost.) I’m calling it the great healthcare holucost.losing life isto high of a only covers your gown it doesn,t cover your butt,we are busting butt to pay for it for yuor kid grandma and cost an arm and a leg for some,gasoline costs an arm and a log so does food,clothig.not mention a morgage wit a high interest ,that nobody is interested in.we had everthing in place up intil the late nineties,that took years of planning,mandatory haelthcare is a fly by night deal.we need need offordable individual health at a lower cost of your choosing, the man man without a name and horse,whoever came up with mandatory healthcare,is cross between a horse and a donkey,was is jack by chance.

  46. snoopy Says:

    I’m not totaly sold on the idea of conspiracy within the government.althuogh in not so many there maybe some and criminal that is dealt with in that level if proven to to be true,the right hand does not see what the left hand is doing,not well cordenated,miscomunicated, human error,somtimes greed,in other word,we have is a mismanaged government an we are feeling the fall-out. It’s not so much the people that are being rebellious,its some of the branches of the government that are misrepresenting us,mis comunicating etc.there good people in the government that are doing good things,for us.its some the branches of goverment that are being rebellious,That are going against our better interests,that we ellect into office with the cofidence in mind to pull through for us,if they can some do and congualate them when the do.our taxes pay their pay checks, taxes are important give to georg washington which is george washington 20% of the doller and or our 7% tax on taxable items,buy,sell,trade,donate at your leaser and and hurt yourself or someone els to help going and growing,work and get you’re pay,and do it all over again as we should,its your hard work and dedication given to rest the weekends.thank you.

  47. snoopy Says:

    Is it possible to take a microwave power core and turn it, into a cell phone battery for all cell phones that last ten years t if it is safely sealed in plastic, its any less than a battery acid, safer,for all batteries then we might actual just a ten year battery,not just a shelf of ten years until you use them like most traditional batteris just a thought or an idea,to think about,.

  48. snoopy Says:

    Is there a one percnt chance I can be forgiven,my higher power gives a 99% chance to be forgiven.that’s what society gives is 1% prcent of making out here,doesn’t the 99%percent chance that god forgivess,increase the odds for me, We can say the same thing about society,mabe we all have a 1%percent chance at making,what if the 99% percent we do make as a society.isn’t it worth taking a chance to chang our odds for society.this not a victim statement,I thought woul be a statement woth making.if we are make it. Darrell marchman also known snoopy an unknown

  49. Judy Bond Says:

    Up-to-date broadcast schedules can be found pinned to the top of the Facebook page, DAILY.

  50. snoopy Says:

    I hear all this talk about buying carbon offsets,what is that suppose to mean? From what took from physical sceince in in grade school is about how nature works,planting gardens to show how, it works I buy a tree and plant it to help clean the air of carbon monoxide,plants things simple as a vegetable garden,house plants balcony gardens planting a lawn,and reseeding were there’s been a fire,.Farmers help with this everyday growing vast fields of food and fruit orchards grape vineyards help clean the air with grapes,for wine,everthing green,we can plant we can grow,it starts with a little seed.some,a lot of manufacturing plants and card board and paper processing (recycle) clean a lot of the water before realeasing back and storm drains containg carbon dust clean the water of contaminates before released in creeks rivers and streams lakes and oceans what about the good green house gases that help,and those hardworkin people helping with ecology,cleaner burning fuels and free energy we buy and sell is better carbon offset trees and plant take in carbon monoxide out of the air and releasing oxegen,and moister in the morning water droplets called (dew),there’s olot more to this than I could know are write,nature does a lot for us,its up to us help her,every little helps that we can do,

  51. snoopy Says:

    I was taught in therapy part of my life long recovery with mental health,and become a volunteer at a drop-in-center,to pass on to others to help in my recovery,and received training got an A- on my test,and a volunteer card,I learned therapy tha diffference betwween self-esteem:(selfish,and concieted) that confidence means:a belief in others,convidence oneself and others,a trust between two or more people,and believe in yourslf.not go by opinion,that confuses pepple,to go by definition,that we should always go by the definiton of of the law,petty things can be overlloked,the law does not always define a person.who they are,To me it’s not what you take from life its,it’s what you give it,what you put into it,what you breath into it that matters most,in life,your hard work and dedication,given into rest the weekend,to whom it may concern. Thanx

  52. snoopy Says:

    What I would like to see added to I.D cards and Drivers license,a square box for a thumb print,and a magnetic strip with current medical age 21 disclaimer,D.N.A,sequence,optional with securty on the magnetic strip on the back.a thumb print on the would last plenty into the future.Rather than a bar code tattoo,or an implant,I for don’t want,I think most people agree on that,can’t they. And would like to see a thomb print placed on all credit cards and debit cards for added whom it may concern

  53. snoopy Says:

    I really didn’t want my name and e-mail published,id rather be anonymuos in all this,I would like my privacy,I want to be an unknown,could you please censor my name and e-mail the name snoopy is suffient.Ii would rather not be known,for secerity reasons.that’s all I’m not angry. I’m somewhat disabled I don’t want any problems,e-mailing me with slander or name calling..I’m tring to be objective,some people don’t like that being an independant, I’m easy going,but I’m also conservative at the same and let live I say,a toast to what we can live with,and live without,to whom,it may concern anonymous.hopefully I’m not misreading you on this,or you,re misreading me are we at a mis.

  54. snoopy Says:

    Is there any local patent pending company’s in lake co cheap like Quirky.bye

  55. snoopy Says:

    What does PG&E really about,the overunity machine E.M.B machine in budapest eorope on you tube for lake county,they have been preety qiet on the home front proof tha electromagnetism exist and be metered bought and sold monthly in poorer countris in operation canada has 15 ton units with a license to sell currently in operation.

  56. snoopy Says:

    The best to sermise goings on today is found in the(1977) world allminiac, its like prediction of the weather an educated guess so to speak,politic is kinda like the weather you get the high’s and the low’s ups and downs, up size like a super size milkshake,it has its downside, a small fry mcdonalds happy meal doesn’t have a toy downsizig the value weal,the price goes up,the healthy choice is not my choice it’s almost a vegiterain fast food,let me get off mcd’s and countinue talking abot other half of the population the bewildered heard remember the story about the man and the wilderbeast,the madderdon and the madderjoan,the whooly mammoth,that’s were the literacy started.

  57. snoopy Says:

    We are all bound for the hospital,we are in a dept crisis,economy crises’w oil crises we have a heathcare crises,medical,medicre crises, bound for the rubber room(crises room) is there enough room in the crises ,for everyone,I hope not then we well have the crises of overcrowding,in the crises room,I don’t know about you ,but want stay out of the crises room,if you don’t mind. We are upside down in our houses (payment)that’s not totally our fuilt though,I understand this and we are deliqeunt in or car payments they say,hmmm,we are upside down , topsy turvey, upside down you’re turnig me inside out ,round round you’re turnig me,here we go again around the time,because of what’s going on the middle east wake up and smell the coffee.

  58. snoopy Says:

    On some of my writings,I put it my compuer edittor and it screwed it up,I didn’t see it until after it was posted’where I put should it shoulden,t it left off letters and messed ou some of my puncation I tried to adjust for it, all I’m working with is a touchscreen tablet and sometimes the cursior jumps back to the front or sends before I could finish or edit sorry for the inconvience,some tech issue,and wiill some of my puncuation is less than perfect.thanx

  59. snoopy Says:

    In all,our economic standing sucks we can be doing better,we are upside in houses or better known as morgage,we are up down in our car payments,but that stands to reason that’s not all our fauilt,we areupside down in our laws,we are upside down in our economy,its kinda like the wiily wonka upside down ice cream, he put what was on the bottom and put it on top and the lid is on the bottom and stirred it up we are doing the opposite we are putting the bad on top and putting the good on the bottom stirring it up and and putting a lid on the bottom (the good parts) anonymous

  60. snoopy Says:

    I think on 40th ave in clearlake on the right side of the road if the city finish filling in ditch with a drain pipe and putting a sidewalk ,like I thought they were,to make it safer for pedestrians since the light crossing hwy 53 is on the right side. I noticed over at the end of 18 th ave heading east has a dirt road cut though the trees headind south that seems to run all the way down past wall mart ,past the collage,all the way down to lower lake I would like to see a paved road to keep more young people and pedestians transit busses and school buses off the highways for a safer commute to wal-mart, yuba collage,and lower lake schools,to bring down the congestion on philips and damn road and hwys it runs runs behind wal-mart .people driving through town wouldn’t even know its there,it out of their normal driving route.just a suggest to whom it may concern.

  61. snoopy Says:

    I’m sorta ,yes, I said sorta its a word I’m sorta means not all the way I got some money,but not a lot,I noticed when I’m grocery shopping everthing seems to be $4.00+tax the thigs I need most gas $4.00+tax and 9/10 per gallon,cigaretts are $4.00+tax meat is $4.00 a pound+tax,tv diners 4.00+tax,the generic pork sausages I wanted were $4.00+tax apouch of tabbaco is $4.00+tax,the get rich quick video I was offerd was $400+tax the only ones gatting rich are offering it all need need to do I was make a video and sell it,anybody that it will make sense to they seem to be fixed,see look for yourself the price +tax is affixed to it,or a $4.95+tax of five easy installments,that’s not easy if you’re on a fixed income,or low income or retirement its not easy for a parent or kid to buy what they want or perents and buy for them,tylonol is $4.95+tax we should always pay our taxes the tax has nothing to do with taxes,uncle sale the cigarette company,’s

  62. snoopy Says:

    You’re website submitted what I wrote before I could finish editing it and get to finish,I don’t have an editor or good one on my computer,editors practicly write it for people,puncuate for them and check the spelling it for them.

  63. snoopy Says:

    I want all my writing removed from here my tablet is not working right or you’re webside has problem,its making me look like a fool,I don’t like to be patronized, because of it.

  64. snoopy Says:

    There was a segment on the bay area news,that electric are going to raise the rates of elecricity because,because people in other big citys arond the bay in nice homes that can afford to purchase solar panels to save money and get off the grid to save money,and the rest of us are going to pay higher rates to make for the loss,and us discounts that are very minimal to get solar panels that are to pricy for middle class homes.another example of corporate greed if we all buy solar panels to save money,or get off the grid,then who’s going to buy electricity,from the elecric company’s,and incidently solar panels don,t work at night,you have store all the elecrity in shelf of batteries collected by the solar panels by day,it,solar power from power companies is fine and wind,hydroelecric and thermalelecric sold to us by the electric company,at lower rates is more feasable.

  65. snoopy Says:

    I was surfing the net, googled,elecromagnetic motors you tube,found fuelles motors, overunity machine (E.B.M.) elecricity by motion machine in budapest, hungry 20 yrs in research and devopement currently in operation to power the city ,electromagnetic cars, some have discoverd how to minipulate the magnetic by reverseing the magnetic field to run electric motors to generate electricity,for homes and cars,saw it on history channel on dish network,.surge tecnology motors,you tube.

  66. snoopy Says:

    all taxable products we buy everyday,is the tax we pay,the people that bring these things to us sell,don’t pay the sales tax we do,it goes to the state to be to speard out to pay for thing like roads and thing,(etc.),our income tax ssd,ssd, fica and state tax,our local taxes pay for thing like ssi and needed.etc,don’t get me wrong we should pay ou taxes,and hope we get a nice little tax return or a stimilus check,give to George Washington which is washinton,in other words pay you’re taxes,or uncle Sam will pay you a seems like when we raise the taxes retail stores seem to raise the price,they use this as an excuse to raise the price and blame uncle sam for the price hike and cost.leave the taxes the way they are and lower the retail price! We don,t like new taxes,I like older taxes or current as they remain for awhile.

  67. snoopy Says:

    OdI was surfing the web,typed in “Clearlake ca jobs,and found “”,found some more job websites offering jobs in and around clearlake ca and lakeport,ukiah,in lake co. Good job hunting links.

  68. snoopy Says:

    Saw on T.V. free tution free sign up,online interactive,home schooling for grade K-12 grades to help in learning and some adult education.And besides Napa coollege in clearlake ca there is an Adult school in lower lake ca,there are inmate correspondance courses on line, but they need a caring person to send it to them for incorcerated indivuals on your wish a package,a legal package.drop a letter in the mail. You can hate what they did,but still love the person,you can find it in your heart to forgive some them can’t you, help them when they get out to get a job when they get out,social services has some monotary help if they quilify I believe while they were working paid into some of it, encourage them to do good, stay out of trouble,even juvinile inmates need a hug every once in awhile,and a letter from home or a phone call,AT&t has a $9.99 flat fee to save you money on collect calls from them,and also check the jails and institional code for allowance on most things.

  69. snoopy Says:

    There’s no computer store clearlake that sell new and used computers,laptops and or tablets that are reputable,offordable,relieble desighned everbodys needs. On the other hand,there are second hand stores that very seldom have used computers or laptops oand or tablet,why not advertise use laptops computers and tablets in the penny slaver that a young person for school older persons for work or job you know those good workig tablets you will never used before they are out dated,lose all the money from them and you might even save on the recycle fees, donations are always good too, its a tax write off.

  70. snoopy Says:

    I found the “e-heat heater”it’s a flat wall mounted heater,that plugs in the uses less watts than a dish heater cheap to run modern sleek good looking desighn, there’s a demonstration video on there web site.the heaters go for about $100.39 dollers each.

  71. snoopy Says:

    Every thing was already in that woked for us,we had affordable heathcare of our choosing,what about people that can’t afford healthcare at all,I thought that was the plan,we all pay into social security look on your pay check,its there in case you need it,social security crises is a scam,we support that monthly,until one day the current president come up with mandatory healthcare,that you don’t get if you can’t afford it then you didn’t get healthcare some of you were turned the president is being dictated by reality,now that we are doing his job for him,and want to indruce what we already had in place that was working for us, now he wants affordable health what does that mean,with the riseing cost of health care who can afford it? Everything is at cost,I call it,The great healthcare hallacoust.

  72. snoopy Says:

    Listening to you’re talk show,there was segment about free energy ,so typed on my computer, Manetic perpetual motion motors on you tube,found Surge tecnology on you tube the Troy reed motor,found an OverUnity machine on you tube,apperently other counties are currently using this new power generaton and further devoping in 3rd world countries,that don’t have the natural resource we have,why aren’t we developing or odpting our this technology ourselves,right here at home in Clearlake,and lake county,I would like to know if I built or bought a magnetic perpertual motion generator that I fond on you tube,recently,for my own personal use when the power is out during a winter power was out for two week on my street,during the snow storm two years ago,pulled out the camping equipment,and disaster supplies and supplied some elecricity with a gas powerd generator.

  73. karebear Says:

    I want to know how do you do a shout out to someone in jail

  74. KC Jones Says:

    Hello from the halls of CSU Chico! I wanted to tell whomever kept my headphones in the studio (and didn’t take them home as they are barely 3weeks old…lol) thanks. As I was contemplating a headphone-less broadcast (something about using the KPFZ headcams in the studio that Im not diggin’ on!) and all of a sudden I noticed this shiny black set on the broadcast-table, I looked and lo’ n behold there were my new headphones that I bought at CVS Fri Sept 12 directly before I was on air (glad I kept the receipt)! So, THANK YOU (whomever) for leaving them there! Keep it rocking….KPFZ 88.1FM – the station that actually matters~real radio for Lake County, CA!!! peace…KC Jones
    PS – dont kno if anyone realizes this, but uh, there is no way to leave messages on KPFZ’s phone (programmers/hosts tell people to call & leave messages). When the answering mach should turn-on, instead, it asks for a “remote-access-code” then a beeeeeep, then a hang-up by us on the person calling in! Not cool, yo! Love & respect, KC

  75. Patricia Says:

    Loved the playlist, bookmarked the site and i am so happy keep it up, you made my day with nice music.

  76. James Says:

    OCT 30/ 14′
    … GUERILLA RADIO – excellent program today! Im voting for both Measure(s) O & P in Lake County, CA. If it wasnt for KPFZ 88.1FM Community Radio (and the various talk shows), I would have never heard the whole truth about these measures (which will effect my family). Thank You; KPFZ 88.1FM for all the awesome programming… the music shows are awesome too… never heard so much Grateful Dead played on a station before (waaaay COOL!).
    – james

  77. Joaquin Garcia Says:

    I love this station so much, thanks. Oh, by the way… Can we get a little more Kenny Rogers? Pretty please

  78. Brent Says:

    Hey Now! Tim Hoff~Eclectic Echoes – thanks for the tunes (Sat Nov 24th 14′/repeat).. A entire show of the Dead’s music.. AWESOME! And if you cant get enough of the Dead, or more amazing Jamband stuff.. listen to “Boogie Sessions; Your Live Music Fix, w host Brent Bomia (aka KC Jones)” Fri nights 9p-11 on one cool radio station: KPFZ 88.1FM!
    Hey Snoopy… wow, you sure have turned our community radio station site into your personal soap box….lol… Maybe you should consider applying for a program on KPFZ 88.1FM (unless you are a programmer??)
    This site / comments section is for everyone!

  79. Robert Leroy Parker Says:

    I’m listening to KPFZ-FM on TuneIn.
    KPFZ-FM – 88.1 FM Lakeport, CA – listen online, schedule, location, contact and broadcast information

  80. Alan Fletcher (Web Master) Says:

    *** WARNING ***

    All of these comments (and any which come after this one) are going to be moved to the archives within the next week.

    I’m not going to try to answer any of the old ones.

    Snoopy : we appreciate your interest, but for the time being we’re only going to approve posts directly related to the station and its programs.

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