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Tune in to The CyberSoulMan Review this Tuesday, November 24, 2015 between 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Tee Watts is broadcasting an interview with Hugh Masekela, the legendary South African trumpet/flugelhorn player.

According to

Hugh Masekela has an extensive jazz background and credentials, but has enjoyed major success as one of the earliest leaders in the world fusion mode. Masekela’s vibrant trumpet and flügelhorn solos have been featured in pop, R&B, disco, Afro-pop, and jazz contexts. He’s had American and international hits, worked with bands around the world, and played with African, African-American, European, and various American musicians during a stellar career. His style, especially on flügelhorn, is a charismatic blend of striking upper-register lines, half-valve effects, and repetitive figures and phrases, with some note bending, slurs, and tonal colors. … Masekela is capable of outstanding ballad and bebop work

The CyberSoulMan Review is repeated on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

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Beginning tomorrow, Sunday Nov 8, at 2 pm, KPFZ (88.1 FM) will be providing a weekly program series in two parts: The first hour will cover progress for “long-term recovery” from the catastrophic fires of 2015 — especially but not exclusively the “Valley Fire.”

The second hour of this new program series will “discover” Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Planning. We will be working with local organizations, like Lake County Amateur Radio (LCAR) members, Spring Valley’s CERT volunteers, and Community-Based Systems of Care (CBSC) service providers (like Senior Support Services – Upper Lake, and The Essential Public Information Center).

All of the program/engineers are invited to sit in on future programs (contact Andy Weiss to schedule); next week’s program will be helmed by Nils Palsson — we will inaugurate the series with Andy Weiss on the board!

Please send your ideas, suggestions, preferences, and desires for content to Betsy Cawn — we haven’t named the new programs or selected “theme” music — and we want to include everyone who wants to join in on the continuation of outreach and education for our listeners and future listeners in Lake County and beyond.

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Tee Watts is hosting a new show, the Cyber-Soul Man Review.  The show airs every Tuesdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Soul music incorporates the elements of gospel music and rhythm and blues with an emphasis on vocalists.

Take time to listen to Tee on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.!


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Join Allen and Aqeela Markowswki every other Friday morning from 9 – 10 .m.  This is a call-in show featuring various topics with a focus on #s (Numerology).  Call Allen and Aqeela at 707/263-3435.

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If you know someone at the Lake County Correctional Facility, listen to Radio Jail on Sundays from 6 – 7 p.m.  Call in a shout out to inmates on 707/2663-3435.

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KPFZ is pleased to announce the addition of two new shows to its schedule.

On Sundays, listen to the Grooveyard Shift with Scott Church.  The show starts at 11 p.m. (Sunday) and runs until 5 a.m. (Monday).

On the second Saturday, join a new Wordweavers show,  hosted by local attorney William Conwell.  The show runs from 4 to 5 p.m.

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More Program Announcements


The annual KPFZ 88.1 FM Harvest On Air Fund Drive and Open House is scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2015.  This is a great time to renew your membership or become a member if you aren’t one already.  This event is one way to help keep Lake County Community Radio on the air.  Without our volunteers, subscribers, and underwriters, KPFZ would not exist.

Come and meet our programmers, board operators, and other volunteers at the Open House.  See what a radio station looks like and how it works.  You can drop by and hang out, help answer phones, bring some food and drink to share with others.  You are guaranteed a good time.  Live programming starts at 7 a.m.

KPFZ is located upstairs at 149 North Main Street.  Be the first to donate by calling 707/263-3640.

See you there!

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Hope you were able to make it the Finley Grange for some GREAT food, company, and music!  It was a good night of fun with friends.

AWESOME dancing music was provided by Without a Net.  The dance floor was never empty.  The food was FABULOUS!  The costumes were WONDERFUL!  Check out our Facebook page for pictures of some of the attendees.

If you were not able to attend, make sure to set the date aside next year!  You won’t be sorry.

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More Events


There will be a meeting of the Web Committee at KPFZ on Thursday Dec 10 2015, 6:30 pm.

I will post an agenda and some brief comments in this post, so keep tuned. If you want to be involved in the pre-meeting discussions email me :

Anyone is welcome to attend.

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I. Call to Order

II. Welcome visitors/ Introductions
     *Special early introduction: James Bluewolf
      presenting A Native Problem Solving Circle

III. Minutes Review

IV. New Board Applicants Decision

V. Treasurer’s Report — Marcie
     Mendo-Lake account signers

VI. General Manager’s Report —Andy
     Program Committee Meeting Report
     Harvest Fundraiser —How it went, Follow up

VII. Committee Reports
     A. Fund Raising/ Events: Holiday Party, Roy Zimmerman, Holly Near
     B. Underwriting Report — Q
     C. Membership Report —Dallas & Susan
     D. Website Report — Allan

     A. Report on Security System Costs — Susan & Marcie
     B. Airwave Expansion Report — Olga
     C. Funding options for Major station Projects
          a. Application for OES Hazard Mitigation Fund —Chloe, Andy
          b. Go Fund Me — Mike Dunlap
          c. Other

     A. Emergency Broadcasting Planning,
     B. Other

X. Next Meeting/ Adjournment

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The Lake County Community Radio (KPFZ 88.1 FM) Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of the month.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

Board members meet upstairs at 149 North Main Street in Lakeport.  The public is always encouraged and welcome to attend.

Mark your calendars!   See you there.

Future meeting – December 16, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

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Unfortunately we are adding about ten FAKE users a day  … unless our stream is hugely popular in Russia …  so I have turned OFF new user registration.

If you want to register on KPFZ.ORG, please email and I will add you by hand.

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21 Responses to “Home”

  1. Rick Sagehorn Says:

    Andy, I very much enjoyed reading your “guidelines” this morning. It is about time I finally read them. I look forward to improving my performance as a programmer and just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep KPFZ professional and a very special part of our community.

  2. Judy Bond Says:

    PHOTOS WANTED – Missing faces of hosts, programmers, producers, directors, LCCR board members, past or present, for the following photo album on the LCCR/KPFZ Facebook page:
    [This link will work without a Facebook account.]

    Email to me at or


    Judy Bond
    Co-administrator of the station’s Facebook page

  3. Robin Says:

    What a awesome online radio station. Really i can pass a good time in online.

  4. Brent "KC Jones" Bomia Says:

    Thank you James Bluwolf for your new show;
    “Wolf Tracks” aired Sat’s from 2-4pm. The traditional stories you tell and the wisdom of Wolf Tracks could/should be aired in public school classrooms (maybe grades 2-6 ??)in northern CA. What a treat for the kids and the instructors alike it could be! :)
    @@@ !!keep up the great work James!! @@@
    – KC

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Every time I listen to Wolf Tracks, I am enchanted. Broadcast LIVE on Wednesdays, 11AM-1PM; replays every other Saturday, like Brent said, above.

  6. brent Says:

    WOW! Irreverence (singing group, LC’s own) played on outro of “Hell-bound in a Hand-basket” (between HBHB & Pup Talk 03/16/2015 approx. 7:59pm)…. That was AWESOME (loved that little Zepplin side-trip in the middle of the a cappella…whoa!). Can someone leave a copy @ station for other programmers to use (if that’s ok to do)?

  7. KC Jones Says:

    Nice to hear thee most corporate-rock-band in HISTORY, given a massive review on a community radio station. AC/DC; one of the first bands to make such a HUGE deal with Wally-World/Wallymart to sell their product (their music, and shirt/posters, etc…) and to spearhead anti-file sharing legislation through the RRIA (yeah, with Metallica as well)… Wanna keep the net free? Dont purchase AC/DC products. Then, the the host of the program sits back and destroys the “white man” … Uh, anyone say …Logic?
    KC Jones

  8. brent Says:

    As far as Im concerned; Wolf Tracks speaks for KPFZ 88.1FM… That host KNOWS what he’s doing!
    THANK YOU James Bluwolf! Your contributions to this station & it’s listeners will not (ever) fade away! Much love to you James, and continued success with your fantastical show!
    WOLF-TRACKS is one of the BEST (imo) music/talk programs on KPFZ 88.1fm.Plus the host is a hoot to hang out with… talk about a walking encyclopedia w/ regards to music, the scene, and Native-American affairs!It’s hard to beat this show in terms of music, knowledge, and an all around POSITIVE message.
    Thank you!

  9. Rhyschenda Says:

    Farewell to Chris. I was saddened to hear of the passing of long-time KPFZ supporter Chris Mallock. Not an on-air personality, but a vital part of our community from the very early days of the station. He will be missed by all who knew him. Via con dios.

  10. Doreen Dickson Says:

    I just donated to join your radio station so how do I log on to get your station as a member?

  11. Cathy Wilson Says:

    I haven’t heard enough radio people tell the public to stop bringing items to the evacuation centers. I’ve heard calls for volunteers, but no one is saying “STOP” with the donations- please help get the word out….

  12. Robert Stark Says:

    I heard a couple of points being discussed tonight, I’d like to comment on.

    1. Propane tanks don’t explode, unless faulty, they off-gas by a heat sync in the valve.

    2. The fuel load around the houses did not cause the devastation. The devastation was caused by a down blast of superheated air that caused spontaneous combustion, estimated to be 2000*, traveling at 40 MPH.

    3. There was a devil wind that day, and the fire was at the mouth of a steep canyon lined with vegetation. The moisture content of that fuel was at record lows, as was everything that got in its path made of wood.


    (With Robert’s permission I have changed some obvious typos : webmaster)

  13. Alan Fletcher (Web Master) Says:

    These comments aren’t a good place to discuss the fire in general, so I replied to Robert on the friends of cobb mountain facebook page

  14. Judy Bond Says:

    Comment #3 on this page is from me. In the last paragraph, please remove “can you buy cialis over the counter in australia” – not my words. Or, better still, remove the whole comment as it is now 20 months old and just clutter.

  15. Alan Fletcher (Web Master) Says:

    We’ve been hacked by the “cialis” ads. I’ve changed all the passwords, (including all the internal ones to our database) but they’re still getting in. (SQL injection?)

    Now that the emergency’s over I’m going to upgrade the whole site (at the risk of breaking it temporarily!).

  16. Ron Kiczenski Says:

    SOS! KPFZ needs new board members asap! If you want KPFZ to continue as the community radio station we have finally become over the past few weeks, then please come and serve your community as a KPFZ board member, thanks!

  17. Robert Leroy Parker Says:

    What might the proper discussions be in this place? That facebook link is at the least questionable. This is a radio station isn’t it? Maybe the most current posts should be on top

  18. Robert Leroy Parker Says:

    Hey Brent where did you go?

  19. Alan Fletcher (Web Master) Says:

    Hi, Robert. Yes, the comment system on this site isn’t very satisfactory. We’re looking into a major upgrade, but it won’t be soon. Meanwhile I’ll see if we can easily change the order.

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