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As many of you are aware, Dr. Steven West is currently taking a leave of absence.  However, Laureen Lee is graciously and ably filling in for him until he returns.  Catch Laureen on Mondays at 5 p.m.

Thanks for stepping up, Laureen!

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KPFZ is pleased to announce the addition of two new shows to its schedule.

On Sundays, listen to the Grooveyard Shift with Scott Church.  The show starts at 11 p.m. (Sunday) and runs until 5 a.m. (Monday).

On the second Saturday, join a new Wordweavers show,  hosted by local attorney William Conwell.  The show runs from 4 to 5 p.m.

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KPFZ board members meet upstairs at 149 North Main St. in Lakeport on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.. The public is always encouraged and welcome to attend.

Mark your calendars –  Next meeting – March 18, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

See you there.

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Unfortunately we are adding about ten FAKE users a day  … unless our stream is hugely popular in Russia …  so I have turned OFF new user registration.

If you want to register on KPFZ.ORG, please email and I will add you by hand.

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KPFZ received word that Catherine Elias passed away on Monday, December 29, 2014.  We want to take this opportunity to express our sympathy to her family and friends.

Catherine was a pillar in the initial founding, design, structure, and maintenance of KPFZ.  She and her husband, Steve, were not only on the air together (and sometimes separately) for many years with Lake County Magazine, Both Sides Now, and other shows.  Catherine served as the founding President of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, and other capacities throughout the years as she remained on the Board.  She also represented KPFZ at conferences and meetings.

Catherine was loved greatly by the radio family and others in Lake County.  Catherine had a long-term relationship with deeper values of love, compassion, care, and justice.  This was demonstrated by her organizational work for women, human, and civil rights, along with other honorable causes in Washington, DC and her in Lake County.  She will be missed.

Memorial service information is not available at this time but we will post it when it becomes available.

UPDATE:  The family will not be having a memorial service at this time.  Please see the comments for more details.


I’m Alan Fletcher. I  am taking over  the role of  ”Web Master” from David Lark,  who leaves it in good shape : thank you for setting up the current version.  I will mostly handle the technical aspects.

More importantly, Ellen H has also joined the web team, and will be taking the lead on content, as “Web Mistress” or “Editor”.  She’s already at work getting the schedule up to date.

Please see the first few comments for details.


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13 Responses to “Home”

  1. Rick Sagehorn Says:

    Andy, I very much enjoyed reading your “guidelines” this morning. It is about time I finally read them. I look forward to improving my performance as a programmer and just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep KPFZ professional and a very special part of our community.

  2. Joyce Anderson Says:

    To the staff of KPFZ, Thank you for honoring California Retired Teachers’ Week.

    I was able to catch Scott’s memories of his school days and his wonderful bird call.
    Thank you, Scott, for the time you took to honor teachers in your life and thank you for the music.

  3. Judy Bond Says:

    PHOTOS WANTED – Missing faces of hosts, programmers, producers, directors, LCCR board members, past or present, for the following photo album on the LCCR/KPFZ Facebook page:
    [This link will work without a Facebook account.]

    Email to me at or


    Judy Bond
    Co-administrator of the station’s Facebook page

  4. Judy Bond Says:

    The address of the Facebook page has changed. People on Facebook can still find it the same way, simply by typing KPFZ into the FB search box. But if you have it bookmarked, you will have to do it again. The last part of the address has been changed from to “”

    The full address is: This will make a difference when referring to it on air.

    I expect this will cause a small amount of temporary confusion but less now than later, as this page is getting busier and busier. New people every day.



  5. Alan Fletcher (Web Master) Says:

    *** WARNING ***

    All of these comments (and any which come after this one) are going to be moved to the archives within the next week.

    I’m not going to try to answer any of the old ones.

    Snoopy : we appreciate your interest, but for the time being we’re only going to approve posts directly related to the station and its programs.

  6. Steve Says:

    I am an avid KPFZ listener. I appreciate the the diversity of programs this station offers. In no way, am I anything other than a real fan of local radio and good music! HOWEVER … The Old Oakie Workshop & Trading Post continuously allows a couple (Im not sure if they are married or not) to play some of the most god-awful music my friends, my family, or myself have ever heard! I do not mean this in a harsh, or cocky way…my comments are meant to help. Every-time they are “showcased” on Ken Pools show, everyone (and I do mean everyone) that I know who is also listening to KPFZ; tunes OUT. I am sorry, even Andy Kaufman wore out his welcome on SNL. Please STOP playing this horrible music!!!
    It seems KPFZ’s best music shows have the worst time-slots, while struggling programs of KPFZ have the ability to damage this station (“Idiot.1fm”) due to WHEN their shows are aired (best or better time-slots). Let’s face it; KPFZ offers some amazing shows; but many aired at the worst times.. WHY IS THAT? The programming of KPFZ – the “when’s and where’s” to put certain programs – is in dire need of a good re-shuffle – in my own opinion and of other listeners as well.
    “Old Oakie W & TP;” when that awful sounding couple is being showcased SHOULD be aired at 4am on a Wed and NOT during peak-listening Sat hours! There are other programs that are far superior, and they’re repeats would be better than this programming on Old Oakie W/TP who has that terrible sounding duo (husband/wife combo) right now!
    As an avid supporter of this station, I hope my comments are received as “constructive,” as they are meant to be.
    Ken Pool – I mean no disrespect, but the music you play is nearly the same songs weekly;

    “…Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints too damn long, but Im no holy roller so I just grab my bong…”

    The words are forever stuck in my mind because Ive heard that song about 25times on your show over a 6month period…
    KPFZ 88.1fm & it’s listeners deserves only the finest programs to be aired through it’s wings!
    – thoughts & comments from a listener of
    KPFZ 88.1FM

  7. Robin Says:

    What a awesome online radio station. Really i can pass a good time in online.

  8. Mary Says:

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  9. Ellen H (Editor in Chief) Says:

    Hey Steve -

    Thanks so much for your feedback. It has been passed on to KPFZ Station Management. They appreciate your input.

  10. snoopy Says:

    Just a short poem of mine , I hope you don’t mind. I call it… ageless,age is but, a number,what’s above age and what’s below age,what’s in between.I don’t get it,if we are all above age and below age,what’s of age,but a number,if you be uderage,what over age,if age is but a number.then what age are we talking about? What’s your legal name and age,and are you lgal citizen,then what’s not legal about that? We are as ageless as carbon dating,of various ages,that we all value .throughout the ages,since the biggening of time,the good kind. Thank you,have a happy happy New year,everyone(2015)yea,

  11. Brent "KC Jones" Bomia Says:

    Thank you James Bluwolf for your new show;
    “Wolf Tracks” aired Sat’s from 2-4pm. The traditional stories you tell and the wisdom of Wolf Tracks could/should be aired in public school classrooms (maybe grades 2-6 ??)in northern CA. What a treat for the kids and the instructors alike it could be! :)
    @@@ !!keep up the great work James!! @@@
    – KC

  12. Judy Bond Says:

    Steve – While complaining/ “constructively critisizing” the song choices on “Old Okie Trading Post,” you wrote, “Ive heard that song about 25 times on your show over a 6-month period…” This does prove you are an “avid listener” as you claimed but if you are not a fan of the program, why do you listen to it? With the diversity of programming KPFZ offers, it is expected that not every one is going to like every thing aired. Do something else for two hours a week. The programmers and their guests get paid the same amount of money for doing their shows as you do for listening. Nothing.

  13. Judy Bond Says:

    Every time I listen to Wolf Tracks, I am enchanted. Broadcast LIVE on Wednesdays, 11AM-1PM; replays every other Saturday, like Brent said, above.

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