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If you miss hearing Saturday Salon live, you can catch a repeat on Mondays at 10:00 AM. Check out the new schedule.

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Friday, April 4, 2014- Is going to be another night of music, food and friends. The Dave Haskell Group, in their first Lake County appearance at Pop’s Place for Jazz, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm – Limited to 50 tickets. For more information or tickets email Support KPFZ public radio and Pops!

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the bum16th Annual Homelessness Marathon Consciousness-Raising Radio Broadcast. Live from Brattleboro, VT: Wednesday, February 19th

The 16th Homelessness Marathon will originate from Brattleboro, VT on the night of Wednesday, February 19th. With this broadcast, we will be returning to our original nighttime format, airing a six hour broadcast from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., EST. (more…)

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KPFZ board members meet upstairs at 149 North Main St. in Lakeport on the second Saturday of each month. The public is always encouraged and welcome to attend.

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November 14, 2013 @ 7 pm:   A special evening with legendary singer/songwriter Holly Near @ Soper Reese Theatre in Lakeport.  Ticket Prices:  $25/advanced purchase or $30.00 at the door.  A limited number of Underwriter/VIP packages including premeir seating, appetizers, a Holly Near CD and more.  For more information call Olga at 707-998-1302.   This is Holly Near’s first performance in Lake County.  Let’s sell out the house!


Holiday Open House

The KPFZ annual open house will be held in December.  Listen to KPFZ, 88.1 FM for the date and other details soon to be announced.

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October 26, 2013 from 7 – 11 pm: Harvest Moon Costume Gala @ Rancho de la Fuente, 2290 Soda Bay Road, Lakeport. Ticket Prices: $15.00/members or $20.00/non-members. Ticket price includes food. This is an adult party with a no-host bar. Costume & carved pumpkin contests with great prizes and dancing to the ever popular music of l “Without A Net.” Tickets available at the KPFZ studio or contact Olga at 707-998-1302.

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More Events


Below is a little information we should all use to insure our votes are counted for all our futures here in Lake County CA.

Support or Non Support is up to you.


Andre Ross running for Lake County District Attorney – – Facebook page-

Don Anderson – incumbent DA

Bob Chalk – Bob Chalk for Lake County Sheriff 2014 | Facebook

Brian Martin – Brian Martin for Lake County Sheriff 2014 | Facebook Brian Martin » Martin For Sheriff

Francisco Rivero – RE-ELECT FRANK RIVERO Francisco Rivero | Facebook

Herb Gura – HERB GURA for Supervisor- District 3 | Facebook

Jeff Smith – Incumbent District 2

Jerry Spittler – Jeri Spittler for Lake County Board of Supervisors District 2  Jeri Spittler | Facebook

Jim Brown – James Brown, 1st Tribal Lake County Supervisor for District 3 ..

Jim Steele – Jim Steele for Lake County Supervisor – District 3 707-295-6198

John Brosnan - John Brosnan | Facebook

Joyce Overton – District 2 –

Mark Courier – NA

Marvin Butler –  Marvin Butler | Facebook

Measure N – Yes on N

No on N

Measure L – Yes on L – Save the Lake, Yes on Measure L | Facebook


Doug Wacker – County Assessor – NA

Logan Weiper – NA

Rich Ford -  NA

Sorhna Li Jordon – NA

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This is the online link to the California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen. Where you can register to vote.

You may also print out a blank form to complete by hand and mail.

If you are not a member of KPFZ or registered to vote. We suggest doing both.

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The upcoming (February 7) Friend Raiser has sold out. See you next month.

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Our transmitter power has been increased to 300 Watts. Thanks to all the people who helped out on this: the supporters, listeners, underwriters, programmers, staff.

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A New Look

  • Minor changes that make this site easier to navigate.

Better Information

  • More up-to-date
  • Better Organized



In January of 2013 we are doing the last four steps listed in the following breakdown of what is happening. We have some more work to do to make the new power transmitter work efficiently and safely.

Below is the steps outlined previously:
Here are the steps we will take on our way to a more powerful signal, which will greatly increase our coverage:

1)     Secure financing from County of Lake and LCCR Board. (more…)

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At the end of November, 2009, KPFZ applied to the Federal Communications Commission for an increase in power and signal area. On December 18, 2009 the FCC approved this request. (more…)

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26 Responses to “Home”

  1. Jason Murphy Says:

    My Favorite jazz musician is Dizzy, well, Miles then Dizzy. I have a pretty decent article I wrote about him on my blog:

  2. Shaquille Ray Says:

    3 more days till the open house :D Can’t wait

  3. Brian Says:

    we to Lakeport alot, discovered your station..wonderful is is online !

  4. Bruce Franklin Says:

    We have lost MY Sons American Bulldog she is a big part of our Family could you please add her to the lost pet adds you do on the air .She is aroung 50 lbs dark brown w a white face she answers to Calie she is very friendly wearing tags and collor w a clear flee collar .She was lost around Saratoga Springs Rd and Hwy 20 in upperlake we are offering a $200 reward for her asap Please contact Bruce Franklin 707 900 8222 thank you for anything you can do we would be willing to pay or donate for the raido time thank you .

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    Since the power upgrade: (1) Reception in stereo inside home. Was mono only unless outside. (2) Reception on multiple small radios scattered around the house, including the one in the bathroom!

  6. Rick Sagehorn Says:

    Andy, I very much enjoyed reading your “guidelines” this morning. It is about time I finally read them. I look forward to improving my performance as a programmer and just want to thank you for all the work you do to keep KPFZ professional and a very special part of our community.

  7. vanilla fudge Says:

    A session for my soul, a little snappy dappy funk, when I hear that Sir Fredrick Rose, you know I gots to shake that trunk.

    Keep the needle in the groove baby!!!!!!!

  8. King Says:

    Hi Andy-

    Ok, so I need a recording of 7/23/2013 show, last week 9/17/2013 leaving me with a credit of $5.00 towards another CD. Thanks!!!

    Susan King

    PS. the dog thing is still happening. :-)

  9. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Looks like play lists are popular. Tune in to KPFZ, 88.1 FM @ 11 pm to 1 am for “Anything Goes” Late night currents in Lake County California with Bob Blackmoore. The call in number is 707-263-3435. You can also catch the show on the internet, or go through the stations website, There is also a Facebook page called Anything Goes
    Looking for guests, interviews, tunes, events, parties etc.

  10. Live Online Radio Worldwide Says:

    I’ve just now discovered this nice station and liked it.

  11. Joyce Lindsay Says:

    Do you play any Classic Country shows.
    We’d love to hear some of this kind of music for us recycled teenagers over 65.

  12. Joyce Anderson Says:

    To the staff of KPFZ, Thank you for honoring California Retired Teachers’ Week.

    I was able to catch Scott’s memories of his school days and his wonderful bird call.
    Thank you, Scott, for the time you took to honor teachers in your life and thank you for the music.

  13. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Great KPFZ Holiday Open House Party! We met many of our listeners and fellow programmers. Great food and great friends.

  14. Susan King Says:

    Hi Andy:

    I am sorry but I totally forgot to leave a message to copy show for Dec. 10th and again for tomorrow Dec. 17th. I gave you $5.00 for the show that you could not find so I will leave another $5.00 for these. If I am behind, let me know. Also, who does the Jazz show? I have a CD that Robert Mix left but it is Jazz and would like them to play it instead of on my show. Thank you, Susan King
    Big Heart/Big Art

  15. Judy Bond Says:

    Please put something current on the front page so that it does not announce the December Board meeting in the website preview every time the URL is entered on Facebook. I see that the January meeting was announced in the comments. It’s embarrassing.

  16. Judy Bond Says:

    To Commenter #11: Listen to Denim Alley midday Tuesdays live from 11:00-1:00, replay Saturday mornings 8:00-10:00.

  17. Judy Bond Says:

    Thank you for long awaited progress. Remember to change the dates at the top of the pages. Feel free to remove my snarky comments as the issues get resolved. You know I love all things KPFZ. I want it to shine.

  18. BobBlackmoore Says:

    Thanks Judy. We’ll be trying to bring listeners programmers supporters staff and a lot more back to Shine On!

  19. Judy Bond Says:

    PHOTOS WANTED – Missing faces of hosts, programmers, producers, directors, LCCR board members, past or present, for the following photo album on the LCCR/KPFZ Facebook page:
    [This link will work without a Facebook account.]

    Email to me at or


    Judy Bond
    Co-administrator of the station’s Facebook page

  20. KC Jones Says:

    On Boogie Sessions, air date 01/24/2014, I had a small contest (winner won a copy of the show /same date)& “Hollywood” – one of KPFZ’s staunch supporter won the contest. A long story short, while Susan Krones was on air live, that same weekend, I stopped in and paid for the discs ($10). Again, this would have been for show air date; 01/24/2014. The disc(s) request form had instructions to have the discs mailed to Hollywood (his addy is in our KPFZ records / computer) OR I would pick them up if left in my box & mail myself… Can someone tell me if any of this happened, or is someone still working on those discs? Id like to inform Hollywood on air if they were in fact sent out (or tell him something). Sorry to blow this message box up. By the by, can someone turn on the answering mach @ the station? Ive been trying to call since last Friday. Its Tuesday Feb 4th, I just called & it rang twenty times…no answering mach on! ** You know we tell people to leave messages when nobody answers @ KPFZ; live & on air **
    food for thought
    peace & love

  21. Judy Bond Says:

    And it looks like the time is still set to Daylight Savings Time. Or Brent knows how to communicate from the future.

  22. Judy Bond Says:

    The address of the Facebook page has changed. People on Facebook can still find it the same way, simply by typing KPFZ into the FB search box. But if you have it bookmarked, you will have to do it again. The last part of the address has been changed from to “”

    The full address is: This will make a difference when referring to it on air.

    I expect this will cause a small amount of temporary confusion but less now than later, as this page is getting busier and busier. New people every day.



  23. Judy Bond Says:

    Thank you for updating the printable broadcast schedule, now current to 3-11-2014.

  24. Judy Bond Says:

    Where can I find a list of the underwriters?

  25. source Says:

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    Another thing you want to be careful of would be to not allow images or videos for everyone as distractions.


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