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Playing at 11:06 pm -- prior: Karma Cola - R  |  now: Word Weavers - R   |   next: Our Stories, Our Lives - R


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Word Weavers : books, music, poetry, law with Wm Conwell, Alan Fletcher, Carolyn Hawley, Susan Krones or Eugenie Steinman

airtimes: Saturday 4 pm L, Monday 11 pm R (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

Alan Fletcher will be your host on Saturday July 13th -- Danielle Hudson (and friends?) will be the guest!  If you only know Danielle from "Higher Logic" you really need to hear her solo.  She'll be singing some of her own songs, and her favorite covers. 

1st Saturday Every month Alan Fletcher *
2nd Saturday Every month William Conwell
3rd Saturday Odd Months (Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov) Eugenie Steinman
Even Months (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec) Carolyn Hawley
4th Saturday Every month Susan Krones
5th Saturday Every month Varies

* Wordweavers producer

Recent programs : 

  • June 29th  - Carolyn Hawley's Cricket Quartet performed by the Palo Alto Friction Quartet.  These brilliant young musicians include Douglas Machiz, cello, Clio Tilton, viola, Kevin Rogers, violin, and Otis Harriel, violin.  The Palo Alto Friction Quartet joined together to modernize the chamber music experience and expand string quartet repertoire, and are said to be "stunningly passionate" and "exquisitely skilled". A local Lake County composer, Carolyn Hawley piece subtitled "Cricket Quartet" is based on the droning mixed rhythms of cicada and crickets during summer nights.  It was one of five compositions submitted to the NACUSA, National Association of Composers, USA that the group chose to perform.
  • Saturday June 8th - Local defense attorney William Conwell will interview Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen.    
  • Saturday June 1st - Environmental Engineer Katie Patrick will talk about her new book "How to Save the World" (How to make changing the world the greatest game we've ever played!).  And, indirectly, how to save a small, stressed rural county.  See for information about her book and other projects.