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BO Herb : Wordweavers w Various: BO Herb : Wordweavers w Various with BO = Board Operator

airtimes: Saturday 4 pm L (L: Live P: prerecorded A: Archive R: Repeat)

1st Saturday Every month Alan Fletcher *
2nd Saturday Every month William Conwell
3rd Saturday Odd Months (Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov) Eugenie Steinman
Even Months (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec) Carolyn Hawley
4th Saturday Every month Susan Krones
5th Saturday Every month Varies

* Wordweavers producer

Past Shows ONLINE

On Dec 7th Alan Fletcher featured BILLBOARD CHARTS "UPSTART" Jasmine Crowe She is is a regular on Wordweavers, most recently  after she won the John Lennon Songwriter of the Year award. 

Alan interviewed her in Los Angeles in November (in a restaurant and in her car) ... and was with her when she heard the news that she was classified as a "Breakout" artist, just three steps away from being on the charts. Alan just got the news that Jasmine made #49 on the Dance Club Chart (in the company of Madonna, Ariana Grand and Miley Cyrus!) -- and more recently has risen to #40.

His December Interview with Jasmine Crowe is now online.

His November Interview with Mary Mackey is also online.