David Lark ,  11/01/2012

You have many options for listening to KPFZ:

2 Responses to “Listen!”

  1. sue humphrey Says:

    i was so excited, today, i told Betsy Cawn that i could listen to her show this evening. wrong…your streaming software reqires adobe flash. and adobe flash does not work with any sort of mac…. not ipad, not ipod, not iphon, not even laptops or towers. i live in a very fring area, and can only listen to kpfz when driving in my car.
    i am a “founding member” of kpfz…. and cannot even listen. i know i can stream other radio stations so, there must be another inexpensive piece of software that could be used.
    please think about it. a lot of us older folk have macs….and live in fring areas.
    -sue humphrey

  2. Judy Bond Says:

    To Sue Humphrey — Here is search results for “stream radio stations on your mac device”:
    All the answers point to iTunes.

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