KPFZ Internet Stream

andyw ,  04/01/2012

You may use Live 365 or TuneIn,com, wherever you are in the world. Just click on either of the links in this sentence.

If the links above does not work, try this: Follow this link to In the upper right corner of Live365′s home page, in the “Find stations…” box, type in “kpfz” and hit the “go” button. When the next page loads, click the play arrow. The KPFZ stream should begin shortly.

20 Responses to “KPFZ Internet Stream”

  1. bluesin1 Says:

    I cannot get stream from this or 395live

  2. Caitlin Says:

    What a fabulous collection of old time tunes. I’ll be here every thursday between 7-9 am.

    Love from Salinas Ca!


  3. deborah Says:

    Sure would like to hear LIVE radio programming on Saturday mornings before 10:00a.m. KPFZ used to have a cutting edge talk show at 9:00, couldn’t we have something like that again? And a music program with a LIVE DJ from 7-9:00 would be really nice, too.

  4. shannon Says:

    is there a way to listen to archived shows.

  5. Rhyschenda Says:

    Listening to Pop Friday afternoon. Boy I sure do miss you guys! Keep up the great work! Love ya all!

  6. staff at school Says:

    The Ministry Without Walls is really a true gospel program, love it!

  7. Lauren Says:

    Wooooo! Hell Bound Hand Basket! Go Glenn!

  8. Susie Says:

    dear classic guy and classical a,j.,
    great show!

  9. Bob Loomis Says:

    Great Herb Ellis! Thanks!

  10. Scott Says:

    Need address for Jazz club, Tuesdays and Fridays, correct.


  11. christina Says:

    Just learned about this radio station….whats it all about

  12. Ellen Karnowski Says:

    I love the community shows that allow people to share their thoughts! Great music and mix of styles and ideas.

  13. romyrome Says:

    the phone is busy we are all trying to call

  14. Bob Blackmoore Says:

    Try this link for live streaming.

  15. dan welch Says:

    wondering what time jazz kicks in on thurs listening from Oregon to a old friend dennis booth cant wait to listen!!

  16. Mark J. Fiore Says:

    Thanks,Gigi,aka Sundancer,for turning me on to this great music performance tonight!

  17. Jacqueline M Says:

    You all are awesome! Thank you for all your generosity and helpful info during this latest fire.

    Here’s the link for the satelite-based fire perimeter map:

    Many Blessings!

  18. Victor Popoff Says:

    Great job. I really appreciate your great up to the hour information on the “Valley Fire”. I have friends and family in the area, and it nice listening to you guys. hello from Keaau, Hawaii

  19. Ivo Says:

    Are you promoting LOCAL fundraisers like Redwood Credit Union where 100% of the donations are being used vs Red Cross a corporate Co. that only gets 40% to the cause?

  20. Denise Claiche Says:

    I appreciate your suggestions. Unfortunately I already set up the account at gofundme.
    Valley Fire Christmas Fund.
    Please promote it .
    Thank You so much
    God Bless

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